JAY D JONES MUSIC features tracks and videos from singer/songwriter/composer JAY JONES. She is a music leader who has worked with all age groups and choirs for many years, who also performs music in various settings. She has a background in music tech, but also in media and likes to work in collaboration with other producers and songwriters. Her musical roots are very varied, and she has a strong liking for rock, as well as classical music, but she sports  a voice with a country and folk flavour! JAY'S  first and favourite instrument was drums but she plays guitar more often because of the portability!
It was almost by accident that the music videos came along, but that is now an integral part of what Jay D Jones music is about. Jay engaged somebody to produce a music video for a one off project, and in doing so she had to explain her needs, but this was such an exhausting and difficult process that she decided to produce it herself. After that she found that she desired to put most of her tracks to video, incorporating old footage featuring her children, and more recently with stock footage. She is also now entering the world of producing music for sync licensing.